Win A Clean Christmas
Written on 27/11/2013 By Swift Admin


It’s that time of year again when we give one lucky winner a top to bottom house clean & all in time for having the family over at Christmas!

To enter simply:

  • Like our page to recieve updates, news & deals
  • Share our competition with your family & friends

Winner will be drawn & notified at 12pm 17 /12/13, Services Provided on 19/12/13.

Conditions apply, 12 hour house clean, Gold Coast Region Only. Staff are excluded from the competition.


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Swift Home Services Offers
Written on 23/11/2013 By Swift Admin

Check out our current Cleaning & Service Offers!  Call us on 1300979438 to Book your service.

Cleaning offers Gold Coast

* One offer only per service.

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Construction Cleaners Vs House Cleaners
Written on 23/05/2013 By Swift Admin


Having a house constructed or a house renovated will bring about dirt and dust in every square inch of a home, inside and out.

When taking on a builders or renovation clean, many regular house cleaners don’t realise just how much work is involved in getting a home ready for a new tenant.

I say this only because we have taken over or even completely re-done construction cleaning jobs, which regular house cleaning companies attempted first.  It is vital that cleaners are trained in dealing with the dust & debris involved in construction clean ups.

Things we notice are:

  •  The lack of knowledge for removing the huge amount of dust created from renovations or construction work.
  • Regular house cleaning products just don’t cut through the dirt & debris left on floors.
  • Home vacuum cleaners don’t handle or are even made to deal with construction dust.
  • Windows need more than a spray & wipe; they firstly need the dust removing along with any stickers & then professionally washing. (A recent customer was devastated to see the cleaners that he hired, had badly scratched his brand new windows, resulting in instant replacement!).
  • Equipment – Scrubbers & buffers are sometimes the only way to remove ground in dirt from construction sites depending on the floor type.
  • Carpets will need to be professional cleaned if they were laid & not protected.

Read here: How to remove construction dust

Do your research when looking for a trained construction cleaner.

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