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How to Get Rid of Pet Stains on Carpets
Written on 31/03/2018 By Swift Admin

Most people know that using a splash of Vinegar and a dash of baking soda to help eliminate certain stains and odors works, but did you know, using the wrong technique could result in a soggy and carbonated carpet or a worse stain than you started with.

We have found dabbing White vinegar eliminates that undesirable pet urine odor, this is enough all on its own, and attempting to soak the stain will do more damage than needed. Soaking is always discouraged, when you soak you’ll end up with a soggy carpets for about a week or worse a bigger stain than you started with if you use the wrong technique.

Remove as much of the solids as possible then blot with a paper towel until the carpet is touch dry. Sprinkle Bi-carb over the spot then you need to add a small amount or splash of vinegar on the affected area or on a clean cloth and dab right on the stained area until the stain has been completely covered. Dabbing rather than soaking is by far a better way of eliminating those stubborn stains. Let the vinegar do it’s job for an hour or more and blot or dab up as much as you can until the stain vanishes.

Tip; After you have blotted up the bi-carb and vinegar scrub with a sponge and cold water, then rinse with warm water then leave to dry. Vacuum. The reason you use both cold and warm water is because faeces contain proteins and fats. If unsure contact your nearest professional cleaner.

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Carpet Stain Removal Tips
Written on 25/02/2014 By Swift Admin

Cordial  – Can be tricky, you must attend to the stain instantly by diluting with cold water.  Pour over stain then soak up until no colour is left on your cloth.

Coffee – Pour a solution of ammonia and soak up then a solution of white vinegar, keep alternating until stain has gone.

Blood – Rinse with a mild detergent and cold water.  Apply a solution of cloudy ammonia and soak up.

Pet Stains – Remove as much of the solids as possible then blot with a paper towel until the carpet is touch dry.  Sprinkle Bi-carb over the spot then add a splash of white vinegar.  Scrub with a sponge and cold water, then rinse with warm water then leave to dry. Vacuum.  The reason you use both cold and warm water is because faeces contain proteins and fats.

Red Wine Stain – Cover the stain with a good amount of bicarb and let it dry for a few seconds. Vacuum and re-apply a smaller amount of bicarb then a little white vinegar and scrub with a nylon brush.  Leave to dry and vacuum.

For more info see our carpet cleaning page

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Win A Clean Christmas
Written on 27/11/2013 By Swift Admin


It’s that time of year again when we give one lucky winner a top to bottom house clean & all in time for having the family over at Christmas!

To enter simply:

  • Like our page to recieve updates, news & deals
  • Share our competition with your family & friends

Winner will be drawn & notified at 12pm 17 /12/13, Services Provided on 19/12/13.

Conditions apply, 12 hour house clean, Gold Coast Region Only. Staff are excluded from the competition.


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Swift Home Services Offers
Written on 23/11/2013 By Swift Admin

Check out our current Cleaning & Service Offers!  Call us on 1300979438 to Book your service.

Cleaning offers Gold Coast

* One offer only per service.

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Extraction vs Dry Carpet Cleaning
Written on 27/06/2013 By Swift Admin



Extraction vs Dry Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning Methods


Put very simply:


Hot water extraction (sometimes refered to as steam carpet cleaning) pumps a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet and then extracts it again removing soil from the carpets. For the best results a truck mount machine is used, although in appartments etc this is not always possible & a portable cleaning machine will then be used.


Dry carpet cleaningrefers to carpet cleaning methods that do not use hot water extraction units. Dry carpet cleaning is a method called ‘Bonnet Dry Cleaning’ and involves using a bonnet or pad on a buffing machine to rotate on the carpet surface and draw the dirt up into the pad. A cleaning solution is first sprayed onto the carpets & worked in with the rotation of the machine.


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Office Cleaning Services Gold Coast
Written on By Swift Admin

Office Cleaning Services Covering the entire Gold Coast

We pride ourselves on customer loyalty and staff retention, Swift Office Cleaning Services Gold Coast is proud to have a large number of clients and cleaning teams who have contributed to the growth of Swift in 2013, we have an excellent client retention rate (100% 2012- 2013), this demonstrates our commitment in providing excellent contract office cleaning services around the gold coast which we hope that will exceed your expectations.

Our Gold Coast Office Cleaners

We are proud to have an excellent team of cleaners who are professional, trustworthy & are on time every time.


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Cleaning Services Helensvale
Written on 19/06/2013 By Swift Admin

Cleaning Services Helensvale

Complete Helensvale cleaning services 7 days a week.

Whether you are just looking for a general house clean or a full bond clean we at Swift Home Services can help you to alleviate the stress when it comes to cleaning your home.

Our Helensvale Cleaners are on call 7 days per week to provide the following cleaning services:

Helensvale Cleaning Services, Bond Cleaning


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Moving House Checklist


Moving House Checklist

PDF Download below.

Moving house is usually stressful; use this handy checklist to make sure nothing is missed out during the big move.

6 – 8 Weeks before

        Notify your landlord in writing if you are renting

        De-cluttering. Don’t waste money paying to have items you never use moved to your new house. If you pack early then your house removal company will have a better idea of how many boxes you have and will give a more accurate price.

        Book early so you can get the removal company of your choice. A good removal company can be booked up months in advance. ( If you’re on the Gold Coast or Brisbane we can assist you with you house removal)

4 Weeks before

        If you are packing yourself order your packing boxes.

        Book extra storage if required.

        If you have any parking restrictions at either address, contact the local authorities or neighbours to arrange parking arrangement suspensions. A removal van can be the same size as a double decker bus and needs extra space.

        Notify the relevant utility companies of your departure..

2 Weeks before

        Arrange for someone to look after children and pets if possible.

        Notify regular delivery services, ie newspapers, gardeners,

        Start running down freezer foods.

        Book any other services you may require after the move, ie End of lease cleaners, Move in cleaners for your new property – Swift Home Services Gold Coast & Brisbane 1300 9 SWIFT are experts in house cleaning!

1 Weeks before

        Confirm arrival time and final arrangements with your House removal’s company including directions or postcode of your new property and any access issues

        Arrange for the professional disconnection of gas cookers, washing machines or any other appliances you are taking with you.

        Start dismantling any flat pack furniture

4 days to go

        Do last minute laundry

        Label keys ready to be left for new tenants

        Make up a box of refreshments and essential items for your first few days – such as toilet roll, light bulbs,  coffee making equipment, scissors, toiletries, pen and paper, torch, first aid kit, a few pieces of basic cutlery, crockery, corkscrew and of course a bottle of champagne!


2 Days before

        Defrost and dry out your fridge / freezer.

        Pack valuables and documents and put them in a safe place. Do not pack these in a box but place in car with you for easy access.

        Make a list of contact details i.e. Solicitors, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker

        Confirm with your agents or landlord when you will be getting the keys to your new property

1 Day before

        All packing should be done apart from essentials items in the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to leave out the kettle and coffee making items including bedding to sleep on for the 1st night.

        Charge your mobile phone, as you will need it tomorrow

        Do a final check of cupboards, the loft, sheds so that nothing is left behind

On the Big Day!

        Welcome your House removal team and show them all items that are going and anything that is staying.

        Drop the children off or organise a corner of the lounge with some of their toys and a few treats. Older children may want specific tasks such as packing up their own personal box.

        Do a final clean of the house

        Make a note of all meters readings

        Do a final walk round of property including garage and garden.

        Lock all windows and doors and leave any information which may be useful to the new tenant  i.e. where is the stopcock, electric/ gas meter, fuse box

Your New Home

        Make sure all services – electric, water and gas – are working.

        Put the kettle on for your removal team when they arrive. Moving is thirsty business! Aim to be there when your removal team arrives so you can show them where you would like items and boxes to go.

        Make sure your locksmith arrives to change the locks

        When your removal team have finished. Check the inside of the van thoroughly; it is your responsibility to make sure all of your belongings are removed.    

        Don’t try and unpack everything today.

        Order in a takeaway, enjoy a glass of champagne and relax!


How can Swift Home Services ease the pressure of moving house?

End of Lease House Cleaning – Gold Coast & Brisbane from $35ph

Garden Tidy Ups from $50

Pest Control / Flea Treatments from $80

Carpet Cleaning from $99

Swift Home Services
PO Box 3655
Helensvale Town Centre
Gold Coast



How to remove construction dust
Written on 23/05/2013 By Swift Admin

How to remove construction dust

Dust must first be removed by an industrial vacuum. Sweeping or wiping will simply just move the dust to a new place. With the huge amounts of dust created throughout construction or renovation cleaning, it could take many cleans to get rid of it all if the appropriate steps are not taken first.

Here are some great tips to remove it permanently.

First get yourself prepared, you will need

  • Facemask
  • Vacuum Cleaner with brush head attachments
  • Flat headed mop & bucket
  • Sponges & Cloths


  1. Open all windows & doors to create a good airflow through the property.
  2. Start by vacuuming over all floors & carpets
  3. Now with you soft headed vacuum attachment, work your way through the building. In each room start high to low ensuring windows & tracks are also done.
  4. One area most people forget is the air filters in your home. They entice dust, however they’ll additionally add it to the air if they’re not cleaned out initially or replaced.
  5. Not only do Shelves and ledges gather dust, but the walls and other vertical surfaces can hold just as much & are often left unforgotten.
  6. For Walls, moisten a flat headed microfiber mop with water then gently starting at the top bring down in straight motion’s to reduce streaks when dried. Rinse head with every line & change water regularly.
    Warning: If the walls are recently painted, avoid getting them to wet, your mop head should just be barely damp.
  7. Windows – dampen your sponge, again high to low wipe over all glass.
  8. Empty Vacuum regularly & change vacuum filter when required.

You should now be 95% free of construction dust.

Alternatively why not call an expert for your construction cleaning or renovation cleaning needs Gold Coast & Brisbane.


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Construction Cleaners Vs House Cleaners
Written on By Swift Admin


Having a house constructed or a house renovated will bring about dirt and dust in every square inch of a home, inside and out.

When taking on a builders or renovation clean, many regular house cleaners don’t realise just how much work is involved in getting a home ready for a new tenant.

I say this only because we have taken over or even completely re-done construction cleaning jobs, which regular house cleaning companies attempted first.  It is vital that cleaners are trained in dealing with the dust & debris involved in construction clean ups.

Things we notice are:

  •  The lack of knowledge for removing the huge amount of dust created from renovations or construction work.
  • Regular house cleaning products just don’t cut through the dirt & debris left on floors.
  • Home vacuum cleaners don’t handle or are even made to deal with construction dust.
  • Windows need more than a spray & wipe; they firstly need the dust removing along with any stickers & then professionally washing. (A recent customer was devastated to see the cleaners that he hired, had badly scratched his brand new windows, resulting in instant replacement!).
  • Equipment – Scrubbers & buffers are sometimes the only way to remove ground in dirt from construction sites depending on the floor type.
  • Carpets will need to be professional cleaned if they were laid & not protected.

Read here: How to remove construction dust

Do your research when looking for a trained construction cleaner.

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