Gold Coast Bond Cleaning Services Reviews

It has now become a daily occurrence that we are getting phone calls to complete re-cleans after other companies on the Gold Coast have done such a terrible job, or even worst, taken the cash & the customer has been luckily enough to get a quick vacuum.

It’s such a sad state to see people hand over there hard earned cash to these con artists.  Please make sure that you review the company before booking any service.

Advice when looking for a Bond Cleaner on the Gold Coast

  • Just because they have a fancy website, doesn’t mean they will do a fancy job, in fact a lot of the top ranking companies on Google have some of the worst reviews going.

Some of these companies have more than one website, in fact the company with the worst reviews from what I have found has over 5 websites, all under different domain names.

  • Ask your real estate to refer a company to you.  We are contractors for a number of real estate agents on the Gold Coast.
  • Be sure to get there ABN
  • Pay by card or bank where you can, there’s no trail with cash! (which brings another point, you pay your taxes? When you pay cash to some cleaning companies this is probably not going to be declared.)
  • Look for a longer guarantee of 24 or 48 hours, realistically your real estate might not be able to view the property in this time frame. This is why we offer a 5 day guarantee!!,
  • Ask how long a bond clean will take them, with how many cleaners, realistically the following is a good estimate based on a reasonably clean house. Hours being total man hours.

1.       Bed Property – 5 Hours

2.       Bed Property – 8 Hours

3.       Bed Property – 10 Hours

4.       Bed Property – 12 Hours

5.       Bed Property – 15 to 25+ Hours

The above is based on 1-3 bed having only 1 bathroom, add a further 1 hour for each bathroom.

  • Ask what’s included, be wary if they don’t include things like Oven, Range hood, windows, fans, garages, Balcony,  Air con units, after all is this not why you’re paying a company to do the job because it’s such an in-depth clean?
  • Get confirmation in writing before the job is started, don’t just book over the phone ask them to email the booking over to you. ( A good set up will already have these procedures in place).
  • Ask what the hourly rate breaks down to if more hours are needed, companies are adding on extras on the day at unreasonable rates of $65ph +!!!.

Finally be sure to get a written invoice for the work carried out, Almost all agents will need to see this to prove you have had a proffesional clean of carpets & licenced Pest Control before you will receive your bond back.


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