How to remove construction dust

How to remove construction dust

Dust must first be removed by an industrial vacuum. Sweeping or wiping will simply just move the dust to a new place. With the huge amounts of dust created throughout construction or renovation cleaning, it could take many cleans to get rid of it all if the appropriate steps are not taken first.

Here are some great tips to remove it permanently.

First get yourself prepared, you will need

  • Facemask
  • Vacuum Cleaner with brush head attachments
  • Flat headed mop & bucket
  • Sponges & Cloths


  1. Open all windows & doors to create a good airflow through the property.
  2. Start by vacuuming over all floors & carpets
  3. Now with you soft headed vacuum attachment, work your way through the building. In each room start high to low ensuring windows & tracks are also done.
  4. One area most people forget is the air filters in your home. They entice dust, however they’ll additionally add it to the air if they’re not cleaned out initially or replaced.
  5. Not only do Shelves and ledges gather dust, but the walls and other vertical surfaces can hold just as much & are often left unforgotten.
  6. For Walls, moisten a flat headed microfiber mop with water then gently starting at the top bring down in straight motion’s to reduce streaks when dried. Rinse head with every line & change water regularly.
    Warning: If the walls are recently painted, avoid getting them to wet, your mop head should just be barely damp.
  7. Windows – dampen your sponge, again high to low wipe over all glass.
  8. Empty Vacuum regularly & change vacuum filter when required.

You should now be 95% free of construction dust.

Alternatively why not call an expert for your construction cleaning or renovation cleaning needs Gold Coast & Brisbane.


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