Make your own Natural Air Freshener

Raising your mood and assisting to purify the air are just some of the benefits of making your own Natural air freshener.

These homemade air freshener sprays are very safe to use around children and pets.

Make your own Natural Air Freshener

Some commercially bought air fresheners contain hurtful chemicals, using an environmentally-friendly alternate to bought air fresheners couldn’t be simpler to make yourself.

What you will need:

  • Purified water
  •  Spray bottle
  • Your favourite essential oils

Now all you need to do to make this homemade air freshener spray is fill your spray bottle up with water and then add 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil you have picked out. Next all you do is shake the bottle up a bit so all the essential oil can be mixed in to the water. Then your spray is prepared to be used in your home to fight odour & add a pleasant light scent to the air, or spray the area in your home where there is a very bad odour. After using this homemade air freshener spray in your home a couple of times the odour ought to be gone for good.
Here are just a few of the multitude of choices. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your favourite’s, such as lavender & rose, pine & clove or citronella & lime.

Bergamot oil is said to decrease inflammation and tends to soothe nervous tension. It furthermore has antiseptic properties.
Lemon oil has both antiseptic and antiviral properties cooperative for cleansing the air; and it can be utilised to add a new, citrusy scent to your dwelling.
Lavender oil is renowned for its resting properties and mixes well with other floral fragrances such as gardenia.
Pine oil has natural antimicrobial and antiseptic effects, and brings an herbaceous, forest-like scent to your room.
Peppermint’s bright and refreshing scent is considered to increase concentration and soothe nausea.
 Tea tree oil, has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It fills the air with a refreshing, menthol scent.
Clove oil has antiseptic properties and some report that it has both an aphrodisiac and calming effect.
Citronella is advised to have both antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. It furthermore holds bugs at embayment, so it is useful outside as well as in.
Lime oil has numerous disinfecting and purifying properties and offers a lightweight, citrusy fragrance.
Rose oil is considered particularly beneficial for women; and a spritz of increased oil in water has long been utilised to refresh the complexion.

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